Styling in Gray: Color-Blocked Chair

by Guest Blogger

Styles inevitably change, and what may have once been a very fashionable piece of furniture is now hopelessly outdated.  Worry not! A can of paint, a trendy color, and a little elbow grease can easily take a piece from the antiquated into the au courant.  Such was the case with this chair. We loved the design, but it had definitely seen better days, and did not match anything else we had.  The decision was made to give this chair a new look and new- life in gray.


2 Paint colors- we used Platinum PPU26-11 for the main color and Overcast PPU26-21 as our accent

Paint tray

Paint rollers and roller covers, or paint brush

Old Chair


Painter’s Tape


Pen or pencil

Step 1: Measure and mark the chair

Measure 5” from the bottom of the chair leg and mark it with a pen.


Step 2: Tape the chair

With painter’s tape, tape off the bottom of the chair leg at the 5” pencil mark. Tape off any other areas of the chair you want paint the accent color.

tape-to-paint-accent-2-blog-crop tape-to-paint-accent-1-blog-crop Taping-chiar-blog-crop

Step 3: Paint accent color

Paint the taped off areas in your accent color using a small roller or brush.  Allow it to dry.  If needed apply second coat and allow to dry as well.

Pour-out-color-blog-crop Paint-accent-color-blog-crop

Step 4: Remove and reapply tape

Once the paint is completely dry, remove the tape. Then, place tape over the part you just painted to protect it from your main color.

Remove-tape-blog-crop Retape-chair-blog-crop

Step 5: Paint

Paint the rest of the chair with a small roller or brush in your main color selection. Allow it to dry.  If needed apply second coat and allow to dry as well.

Color-in-tray-blog-crop Begin-painting-chair-blog-crop Paint-chair-base-color-blog-crop

Step 6: Remove tape and paint seat

Remove all tape. Then, paint the seat of the chair with your accent color using a small roller and detail brush. Allow it to dry.  If needed apply second coat and allow to dry as well.


Step 7: Enjoy your fabulous, modernized chair!


Wall colors featured: Hailstorm Gray PPU24-17, Silent White PPU26-13

Colorfully yours,

Kaylene Karim

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