Sip and Savor

An exterior of a home painted in a green hue.

September is Wine Month in California and painting with shades of wine reds, buttery yellows, earthy greens, and velvety purples can add drama, depth, and a cozy feel to any room. You will want to sip and savor a glass of your favorite varietal as you settle into your home and enjoy what the month offers.

A palette with six colors that range from soft black, green, plums and gold.

The deep hue of Divine Wine pairs nicely with earthy green tones. The jammy red is welcoming and inviting.

A gated entry with the door painted in a deep purple hue.

The buttery yellow hue of Chilled Wine in the kitchen brightens up the space and gives the room the perfect warmth for cooking and entertaining.

A kitchen with the walls painted in a yellow tone.

The sophistication of Cracked Pepper is rich and elegant. It gives the feeling of a private dinner and tasting at your favorite winery.

A dining area with the walls painted a soft black color.

Secret Meadow provides the perfect backdrop for entertaining guests. The relaxed, soothing hue pairs nicely with plum red and golden yellows.

An exterior of a home painted in a green hue.

Vintner is a velvety bold hue that draws your eye.  Use as an accent with rich wood tones to give the room a modish vibe.

A corner of a room showing the wall in a deep purple color.

Full Glass gives the bedroom a peaceful feel. The delicate sweetness of the rosé hue mixed with the earthy headboard gives the room balance and harmony.

Bedroom with a large wood headboard. The walls in the room are painted in a pinkish-purple color.

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