Modern Farmhouse Hues

An open house interior concept, featuring a kitchen and dining room area.  The kitchen has a black color island and the dining room has a dark olive green accent wall.
Kitchen Walls & Ceiling: Blank Canvas, Upper Cabinets: Whipped Cream, Dining Area: Mountain Olive, Island: Cracked Pepper

The farmhouse style has enjoyed tremendous popularity, capturing the hearts of homeowners and designers alike. Over the years the traditional farmhouse looks have evolved with a more contemporary twist. It continues to draw inspiration from natural materials, soothing palettes and rural architecture. The updated style now infuses the clean lines and streamlined forms of modern décor.

With its fusion of rustic warmth and contemporary elements, the Modern Farmhouse palette offers a fresh take on traditional farmhouse aesthetics that continues to be grounded by time-tested neutrals  and livelier accent color options.

The Modern Farmhouse palette made up of eighteen colors.

A delicate taupe-gray breakfast nook furnished with vintage pieces with sleek, modern furniture and décor accessories creates an interesting and balanced aesthetic.

A farmhouse style breakfast nook with large windows, neutral wall and a dark blue wooden bench.
Walls: Tranquil Gray, Trim: Blank Canvas, Accent (Bench): Midnight Blue

A dining room is typically adorned with a versatile neutral combination of greige (gray and beige) and soft black that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

A modern farmhouse style dining and living room space.  The colors on the walls range from warm to cool neutral tones, including Cracked Pepper, a soft black used on the fireplace.
Upper Walls: Cotton Knit, Lower Walls: Greige, Back Wall: Even Better Beige, Door Trim & Fireplace: Cracked Pepper

A Modern Farmhouse style bedroom embodies a harmonious blend of rustic, industrial and modern materials and décor elements. A shady blackened green and a crisp white tone make perfect background colors for the black frame mirror and  lighting fixtures.

An Urban Farmhouse style master bedroom and bathroom combo.  The accent color on the headboard wall is a BEHR top selling deep green called Dark Everglade.
Walls: Winter White, Accent (Headboard Wall): Dark Everglade, Bathroom Cabinet: Blueprint

Clean lines, minimal design, and functional elements are hallmarks of Modern Farmhouse style. The focus is on creating a practical and comfortable environment, but a bold color and pattern adds an expressive touch to a bathroom.

A modern farmhouse bathroom with a cheerful yellow accent wall.  The floor features a black and white and eye-catching geographic design.
Walls & Trim: Black Canvas, Accent Wall: Amber Brew

A light and muted cool tone provides a clean backdrop that allows other design elements to shine and can bring a touch of nature indoors, enhancing the farmhouse vibe.

A reading nook area featuring a dusty soothing blue color called Provence Blue.

Wall & Molding: Provence Blue

This style embraces the use of natural materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, and metal. These elements bring texture, warmth, and a sense of authenticity to both interior and exterior spaces.

An exterior modern farmhouse, the exterior elements include Siding – White Board & Batten, Wood and Stone which create a contemporary take on the farmhouse.
Upper House Body: Barnwood Gray, Lower House Body & Trim: Blank Canvas
A porch with a modern wooden swing that creates and inviting area. The combination of cushions decorating the swing, creates a cozy dreamy vibe.
House Body: Sawgrass, Ceiling: Cotton Knit, Trim: Blank Canvas

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