Color of the Month: Secret Meadow

by Diana Olvera

January is a time for nesting indoors, interspersed with nature walks outside for fresh air and rejuvenation. Though plant life is fairly dormant this time of year, hints of green greet us with reminders of colorful seasons to come. Behr paint Color of the Month, Secret Meadow S360-6, reminds us of nature and brings a hint of the outdoors inside, perfect for any room and any season.

Outdoors, Secret Meadow paint makes a stunning yet welcoming statement on a wooden garden gate, adding a sense of intrigue for guests about to enter your garden or backyard hideaway. This green pairs perfectly with soft tones of sand or light stucco, playing off the colors of nearby foliage.

Feature Color: Gate – Secret Meadow S360-6

In an entryway, Secret Meadow immediately adds a sense of calm, helping us unwind after work or a workout. It even works well in a Mid-Century or retro-inspired area, outfitted with furnishings from the era. For a pop of color, add a vivid blue planter, which marries tones of earth and sky for a pleasing visual experience.

Feature Color: Wall – Secret Meadow S360-6

This color also works well if a home office takes up a corner of the living room, as Secret Meadow’s shade offers a perfectly soothing vibe for those hours spent contemplating projects at the computer. A slate gray sofa adorned with patterned earth-toned pillows perfectly suits the nature vibe inherent in this space. White baseboards and trim complete the look with a crisp, clean frame for Secret Meadow walls.

Featured Colors: Walls- Secret Meadow S360-6, Trim & Door-Polar Bear 75

This peaceful green also works well as a wall color in a home with an open floor plan, as living space transitions into the kitchen area. Paint the main shared wall and the base of the breakfast bar in Secret Meadow for a kitchen outfitted with in white or light cabinets and stainless steel appliances. A black stone countertop looks absolutely stunning against green and white. A few plants potted in black, white or even a stunning blue shade enhance the beauty of the kitchen area.

Featured Colors: Walls- Secret Meadow S360-6
Cabinets & Ceiling- ULTRA PURE WHITE®

Secret Meadow is an excellent color for contrast in an otherwise white bathroom, too. Paint the door and its trim in this soothing green to add an element of nature to the space. This color works well whether the bathroom’s style is ultra modern, completely vintage, or somewhere in between.

Featured Colors: Door & Frame- Secret Meadow S360-6
Walls- Painter’s White PPU18-08

As a wall color, Secret Meadow offers a classic, timeless look that suits virtually any bedroom style. In the master bedroom, the bed takes center stage against a green backdrop. White window trim enhances the natural light pouring in from outdoors, making the space feel light and airy during the day. Secret Meadow’s green is a natural partner for wood floors, no matter how dark the wood. Bedding in light grays, whites and beige enhances the earthy vibe of this room.

Featured Colors: Walls- Secret Meadow S360-6

Secret Meadow also serves as a gender-neutral wall color for a child’s room; it’s an excellent choice no matter what the age of the child. Add a white or light beige area rug under the bed to provide a little cushion under foot and for spontaneous playtime with toys on the floor.

Feature Colors: Accent Wall- Secret Meadow S360-6
Shiplap Wall: Silky White PPU7-12

For more color inspiration on Secret Meadow and other 2020 color trends visit our  page on Behr.com.

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8 responses to “Color of the Month: Secret Meadow”

  1. Johnny Eichelberger says:

    Nice color to begin the new year

  2. Anne Marguriet says:

    I absolutely love Secret Meadow. I’m planning on painting 2 bedrooms that have a jack & jill bathroom and Secret Meadow has inspired me!

  3. Vickie says:

    Very nice…. change is good… Too much grey around.

  4. Brenda Neidig says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  5. Karen Rinehart says:

    Love Secret Meadow. A soft, pleasant green. I am going to use this color.

  6. Linda says:

    lv this color for my bedrm, soothing & dramatic

  7. Johanne Palange says:

    It’s high time for something (anything!) other than white.

  8. Aileen Grams says:

    A very nice green, one or two walls in the bedroom would be really cozy. I also think it’s especially nice on an outside door or fence gate. Beautiful!

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