New Year, New Spaces

A living room painted in a soft but bright room with all white furnishings.

It’s a new year and what better time to make changes to your home. Start by creating a style board. Gather colors and images for the spaces you have always dreamed of. Once you have your overall vision, apply it to your home. Focus on one room at a time making the first of every month a step towards your dream home. Get inspired with Behr’s featured colors below.

Color Palette showing beige, cream, olive, blue, green, and yellow hues.

An exterior space where you enjoy being outside with a loved one will make this year extra special. The stylish taupe-mauve Parisian Café provides a fashionable surrounding for your front porch, all year round. A hanging swing will invite conversations. During the cooler months, an extra blanket or heater is all you need while you enjoy your morning coffee in this relaxed peaceful environment.

An exterior home painted in a warm cocoa hue with a cozy swing.
Front Porch/Living Room

The clean, crisp walls shared with simplistic styling make the living room feel airy and inviting. The light upholstery, natural elements, and texture of the rug bring balance to Winterscape’s silvery-crisp bright blue hue. A touch of greenery adds just the right amount of warmth and keeps the space inviting.

A tight crop of a living room painted in a soft but bright room with all white furnishings.
Living Room

The bedroom flourishes with a warm pop of energy and fun. The bright mustard tone of Celebration used on the headboard wall makes a big impact in the room. The quieter, warm white is the cozy component needed for creating a relaxed atmosphere.  The combination is lively and fresh.

a bedroom painted in a creamy white with a backdrop of a wall painted in a yellow hue.

The dusty, mid-blue-green of Provence Blue nurtures a peaceful ambiance and keeps the small bathroom modest. The floating sink adds an element of design. In this small space, the simplistic look helps to keep the space open and clean.

a bathroom primarily white with a stripe of a blue hue behind the mirror.

Carve out an area for your own special place. A cozy quiet corner to unwind with a good book. Adventurer is a dark, intense olive-brown hue that recalls stories of bold travelers, exotic destinations, and the grounding safety of returning home.  The perfect hue to relax and escape with.

A quiet cozy are with blankets and pillow sitting next to a window. The walls are painted in an olive green hue.
Cozy Corner; Reading Nook

Falling Snow embodies the quiet embrace of a cool wintery white, touched with a tiny hint of green. The hue pairs well with nature for a cozy backyard haven. Create a space you love with a warm firepit and plush chairs.

An exterior home painted in a cream hue with darker painted window frames.

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