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This image shows three painted bar stools, in the foreground is a partially painted stool in Nocturne Blue with the seat painted and a painted portion almost halfway down the legs. 
In the background is a stool partially painted in the color Shadows only the seat is painted. Lastly, in the background of this image is a blurred stool with the legs partially painted in Kalahari Sunset.

Giving life to plain wooden stools is easy with a fresh coat of paint. Pops of color were added to these stools vs. painting the entire piece. The colors I chose were Nocturne Blue HDC-CL-28, Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25 and Shadows PPU25-03. These hues work great together however feel free to choose any three colors that coordinate in your kitchen. Follow the easy steps below to create this playful new look.

This image shows the products used for this project. 
A paint brush.
Painters Tape.
Sanding Block.
And three 8 oz. samples.

Materials to complete this spray paint project

• Three Stools of choice

• Three 8 oz. samples of BEHR ULTRA™ paint.

• Sanding Block

• Painter’s Tape

• Paint Brush

Tape off the areas you want to paint.

First this is the bare wooden stool that was taped off in the areas I wanted to paint.

Give a light sanding where you will be painting.

This image shows how I gave the stools a light sanding.

Start Painting!

This image shows a stool being painted in Nocturne Blue.

Finished Look!

This image is the finished look of all three stools beneath a kitchen bar.

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