Refreshing Your Space with Color

A hallway with white walls. The door at the end is painted in a bright yellow color, Spring Grass.

When winter departs and makes way for spring, it’s the perfect time to start fresh. And when you’re looking to make a change in your home, new paint is a simple way to refresh your space.  

Incorporating a new color in your home can go a long way, whether you’re considering repainting the walls or tackling smaller, easy-to-complete projects like a door refresh or furniture makeover. Shades like Spring Grass P350-4 or Spring Valley S390-2 add the perfect pop of color to bring new life to any surface. The light airiness of these greens plays into the wellness trend we see incorporated in everything from our lifestyle choices to our home décor. Add houseplants to purify the air, and layer different shades of green in your newly refreshed space.

A make-up desk and mirror siting again a wall painted in a soft green paint color, Spring Valley
Vanity: Spring Valley S390-2

Lighter colors on the walls also help to open up a room – playing on the natural light that enters from your windows. In areas like kitchens and small rooms, creating an open, airy feeling will likely be even more important; light shades of greens, blues and lilacs will help accomplish that, while complementing existing neutrals. Try a light blue like Watery HDC-CT-26 and watch how the sunshine pouring in bounces around the room, creating a light-filled oasis.

A small living area with a small bar in the background. Walls are painted in a soft blue color, Watery.
Wall & Cabinets: Watery HDC-CT-26

For bedrooms, lilac and lavender pair well and create peaceful sanctuaries perfect for a good night’s rest. Standing Ovation N570-2 is a great marriage of the two hues – not too purple, not too pink. Match accent furniture to your walls to get the true calming effect of this purple hue throughout your space.

A  wall painted in Standing Ovation to compliment a green door and match the purple chair that is sitting in front of the wall.
Wall: Standing Ovation N570-2

Spring is the season for new beginnings, and that includes exploring new ways to incorporate fresh looks for your home. Join me for Color Clinic, May 16-17 on the Behr Facebook Page. I’ll be answering your paint questions LIVE to help you find the perfect paint color for your room refresh.

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