Ringing in 2022 Trends

Table top image of painted champagne bottle and wine glasses in our Color of the Year Breezeway. Also painted are the number 2022 and stars. Blue confetti rhinestones also cover the table.

Cheers to ringing in 2022 and all the array of trend colors! The beginning of the year is the time to start planning those home projects whether it be repainting your living room or freshening up your exterior with a new coat of paint. No matter how small or big your home refresh is, we have the colors for you this year straight out of our 2022 Color Trends Palette.

Living room image painted in Breezeway. The foreground has a patterned throw rug, sofa and single person sofa, coffee table, and decorated surroundings include picture frames on the wall, lamps, plant, books and vases.

If you are looking to lighten and freshen up your living room in a soothing tone, choose BEHR’s Color of the Year, Breezeway MQ3-21. This shade of sea glass evokes coolness and peacefulness for all who enter your home.

Bedroom image with accent wall in Cracked Pepper. Bed has white and brown furnishings, two side tables and lamps as well as a burlap rug below the bed.

Create a renewed look in your bedroom by going bold with Cracked Pepper PPU18-01, a soothing deep gray with a cool undertone. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the norm this year – with color, anything is possible!

Kids play area in living room, painted mural on the wall to designate it is a kids play zone. Kids toy stand with toy baskets.

Give your kiddos their own play corner with trend 2022 colors in Nightingale Gray N200-3, Sunwashed Brick S180-2, Lingonberry Punch M150-6 and Wave Top M450-3. Adding a mural will provide a sense of playfulness in any space and give them their own personal corner to be free.

Exterior porch setting with porch swing.

Refresh any part of your home exterior whether it is the front door, shutters, porch or the overall house body. Here is a simple way to create an outdoor oasis for your porch space by adding an accent wall in our Basswood MQ2-46.

Celebrate the new year with endless paint possibilities using our 2022 Color Trends Palette.

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    There should be color trends, pictures and suggestions for painting the very important Front Door of your home

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