Soft Blush Tones- Color Advice

This is a country style rustic bedroom painted in Etiquette. There is a wooden headboard and wooden night stands. There is a portrait of a flower behind the headboard. The nightstands are decorated with books, vases, and a decorative box.

A recent inquiry came in from a customer named Angelina. She is in search of a muted blush color for her rustic bedroom. She feels her space could use a bit of delicate feminine appeal with the industrial and masculine feel to her space.

Hello Color Experts!

My name is Angelina and I am Twenty-Two years old. I’m looking for the perfect blush shade that is not so bright. I have a rustic looking bedroom with two large windows which look out to green nature surroundings. My comforter is a cream and I have some brown accent pieces. Please help!

Thank you for your interest in BEHR Paint Angelina!

We found three perfect hues options to compliment in your rustic bedroom: Etiquette S120-2, Radiant Rose S140-1 and Ole Pink S140-1.  These muted blush tones will create a soft and soothing presence- their subtle nature allowing for easy decor and style coordination.

This image shows paint spills of Etiquette, Radiant Rose, and Ole Pink.

Colorfully Yours,

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