Blue Skies Ahead

An inspiration board featuring blue hues.
Paint drops shown: Bluebird PPU15-12, Journey’s End S520-2, Soft Cloud M520-1A.
Images shown are as follows: A side of a homes’ deck with a small bench and blue pillows with the exterior painted in a dusty blue color. A home office with a wood desk, white chairs, wall is painted in a light blue color. A bedroom with paneling ceiling painted in blue. There is a small desk in the room and pillow on the bed are bright blue. An exterior side of home with a porch coming off of it. The side of the home is painted in a bright blue.

As the summer months approach, the skies seem bluer and the air is warmer. We take advantage of the nicer weather and enjoy being outdoors in the scenery that surrounds us. The comforts of a deck to watch the morning sunrise is our daily routine. We sit on the stairs with our loved ones when we want a break from the chaos during the day.  When the sun is high, we enjoy the comforts of a covered patio for spending a quiet moment.

We value our home more than ever now carving out areas for office and school work. A place for our minds to focus. We are comforted by all that surrounds us including the colors we have on our walls. They portray a sense of soothing energy.

The exterior home painted in Journey’s End S520-2 gives the deck a peaceful feel. The blue dusty hue is calming and pairs well with the natural wood flooring and stone brick wall. Adding a pop of brighter blues keeps the natural feel but freshens up the look.

An office space carved from a small cubby area off of the kitchen is perfect for today’s new lifestyle. Adding a light, but slightly bright blue like Soft Cloud M520-1A keeps the area unobtrusive and interesting.

The teen room is needed to be multi-functional these days. It is often the place for a teen to study and work. In this small space, we used Soft Cloud M520-1A on the panel ceiling to give it the feel of the open sky. The back wall is painted in Journey’s End S520-2 to help ground the bed. Pops of a brighter blue is used for the pillows keeping the vibe fresh.

Bluebird PPU15-12 is a bright poppy blue that is perfect for this covered porch. It provides a pleasant view while enjoying a moment outdoors.

For more ways to use blue hues, check out Behr’s Color Studio where you will find inspiration, color tools, design advice, and more!

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