Succulent Pumpkin




A blue colored box holding pumpkins that are painted in white, blue, and green paint colors. In the center is a larger pumpkin painted in blue with a succulent plant inside it.
Tired of the same ol’ leaves and acorn decor for fall? Why not modernize your decor and color scheme with a new look that’s fresh, but still fall festive!

To complete this project you will need the following:
Flower pot/s
Paint- we used In the Moment T18-15
Paint brush
Step 1: Select a pot that fits
Select a flower pot that is the right size for your pumpkin.
Materials needed to make pumpkin succulent plants: two different sized pumpkins and two clay pots that fit the size of each pumpkin.
Step 2: Trace pot lip
You will need to cut a hole into your pumpkin large enough to fit the pot in.  Place the widest part of the pot, on top of your pumpkin and trace a line around it.
A person tracing the shape of the open end of the clay pot on the pumpkin to use as a guide for the hole to cut.
Step 3: Carve hole into pumpkin
With a knife, carve a hole into your pumpkin following the marker line. Remove pumpkin top when you’ve made a full rotation.
A person cutting the pumpkin using the traced mark as a guide.
Step 4: Fit pot
Place your pot in the hole to make sure it’s wide enough to sit down into the pumpkin. If it doesn’t fit, use the knife to expand the holes until it does.
The cut pumpkin with the clay pot sitting inside at the top, popping out at the rim. Person carving the cut area a little more to allow the clay pot to fit better. The pumpkin with the clay pot sitting in the pumpkin showing the top edge of the pot aligned to the pumpkins top edge.
Step 5: Hollow out pumpkin
Remove the pumpkin innards with a spoon.
Hollow out your pumpkin with a spoon.
Step 6: Paint pumpkin
Paint your pumpkins to add color variety to your fall decor. We chose to paint ours, In the Moment T18-15, our 2018 Color of the Year. Completely coat the outside of the pumpkin and allow it to dry before moving on to the next step.
Pumpkin being painted.
Step 7: Pot succulents
Arrange your succulents as you wish them to look and pot as so.  Add dirt to your pot if needed.
Succulent plants. Adding dirt to clay pot. Adding succulent plants to clay pot.
Step 8: Place pot into pumpkin and display
Place your succulent pot into your pumpkin and place somewhere all can see.
Adding potted clay pot with succulents into the carved pumpkin. A tight view of the box with pumpkins and succulent plants sitting on the mantel in a room setting.
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