Chalk Decorative Paint: Picture Perfect Frame

by Quinn Larson

Perhaps you have something similar to our project here.  A painting or picture you inherited, found at a garage sale or did yourself.  It might be quite good and you just can’t seem to throw it away, but the frame is just a little too flashy, too shabby, or just not the right color for your space.  You would hang it up if it looked a little better, but framing can be costly.  Here is where Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint can save you time, money and present the perfect color solution!

To complete this project you will need the following:

Tools and Materials:

Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint in Dusty Laurel BCP24

Behr® Wax Decorative Finish in Clear and Dark

Paint brush

Sandpaper or sanding block

Clean rag

Picture frame in need of love

Here is our painting, we love the image of this tranquil forested lake, but the frame had definitely seen better days.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Step 1: Prep

Prepping your surface is always a good idea.  Remove any dirt and residue with a gentle cleaning solution and allow to dry.  Lightly sand the surface of your frame and brush off dust.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Step 2: Paint

With your brush paint the frame in the color of your choice.  Be sure to get the paint into all the little nooks and crannies of the details.  Allow to dry and apply second coat if necessary/desired.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Step 3: Create antiqued look (optional)

If you’d like your piece to have an antiqued look you can sand the high points of your piece with your sanding block.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Step 4: Apply wax

Each wax color produces it’s own look, and each combination of wax colors produces a different look as well.  With this frame we wanted a more delicate look to the detail wax, so we started with an application of the clear wax.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

We followed the Clear wax application with the Dark wax to give subtle emphasis to the frame’s details.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Et Voila! A beautifully refurbished frame, ready to adorn your walls once again.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

For more information on our new Chalk  Decorative Paint System visit behr.com.

To watch a short video detailing these new products click here.

Colorfully yours,


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