Tickled Pink

Inspiration Board featuring three pink paint drops: Lotus Petal, Angel Kiss, Positively Pink.
Images shown are the following:
-A pregnant mother sitting on a bed. She is wearing a pink shirt holding her hands in a heart shape on her belly. Wall is painted in Lotus Petal.
-A tight crop of a living room. Couch is pink. The wall is painted in Angel Kiss.
-A baby dress in pink. Her feet are being held and formed into a heart shape.
-A nursery with the wall painted in Positively Pink.
- Pink Roses
-A girl in a pink fuzzy sweater holding a baby chic.
-Pink feathers.

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day and these soft and gentle pinks are a perfect representation of this day. A day set aside to celebrate the special person in our life that helped us grow into who we are today.

This gently-bright pink, Angel Kiss P160-1 is a lively color choice for a casual living room. This color reminds us of younger days, when a mothers’ soft kiss took away our pain and we were comforted by her gentle touch. It brings us back to our first independence and the safety our mother provided.

Lotus Petal M150-1 is a softly muted pink that is great for bedrooms. This color emphasizes the security we had in knowing our mother would always be there for us. Reminding us of the confidence she instilled to believe in ourselves and our dreams. We flourish in knowing she taught us well as we navigate through our own life changing moments.

Positively Pink T18-01 is a soft dusty pink that is suitable for nurseries. This maternal and gentle color evokes the confidence and calmness needed for a time when we first discover what it means to be a mother. The softness of this color represents the innocence of new life and the rewarding journey ahead.

For more ways to use these pink hues check out Behr’s Color Studio where you will find inspiration, color tools, design advice and more!


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