Trend Color Spotlight: Dark Navy

A two tone wall kitty play area, upper wall is painted in light neutral color, lower wall is painted in dark blue color called Dark Navy.
The concept of two-toned interior painted walls is getting popular as it is an effective way to add visual interest and allows you to introduce strong color into a room without allowing it to dominate.
I was tasked with creating a modern and fun room for two furry friends (Kona & Thor) so I chose to do a two-toned kitty room using a dark color for the lower wall and a neutral for the upper wall. For my dominant color I choose BEHR’s trend 2019 color Dark Navy S530-7.
An open can overview featuring wet paint of a dark blue color called Dark Navy.
Dark Navy is incredibly versatile and paired with light grey color Cotton Gray and light wood tones created a sharp contrast. Blue, with its connotations to both nature and timeless sophistication, is increasingly popular. In interior design, Blue is often used in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices and of course pet room as blue creates a sense of spaciousness, renewal, tranquilly and calm.
To recreate this room, you can choose any two colors, paint the first half with one color, once dried, use masking to delineate the second half.
This will give you a clean, sharp finish.
Colorfully yours,

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Comments (2)

  • Liliana says...

    Hola señores de BEHR
    Soy fanática de sus pinturas!
    Me gustaría saber cual es el código de la pintura blanca que está junto a este azul?
    Gracias de antemano

  • Diana Olvera says...

    Hola Liliana – Gracias por ser fan de Pinturas BEHR.
    El color que se uso se llama Cotton Gray HDC-NT-20


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