Trend Color Spotlight: Graylac

by Larayne Boaz

Sewing is fun, but is more enjoyable when you have a special place for creating. Designing a space that is welcoming, inspiring and organized is the key. You don’t need a large area either! A small space, a few shelves, beautiful fabric and the perfect color, Graylac T18-03 can provide the right inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Graylac T18-03

Graylac T18-03 is a complexed gray that pairs well with both warm and cool tones. This color picks up hues from its surroundings, changing the feel of the color and mood in your space.

The appearance of Graylac T18-03, when used in this sewing room, appears gray with hints of lilac, soft brown, and muted magenta hues peaking through. These feminine tones blend well to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere for creativity.

To achieve this look, add a strip of material behind shelves and fill clear jars with colorful thread, yarn and other crafting needs. Happy sewing!

Colorfully yours,


6 responses to “Trend Color Spotlight: Graylac”

  1. Shari says:

    Wow! Loving these “colorfully yours, Larayne” articles. A great way to see beautiful colors in use. I️ especially love this month’s “GrayLac” article. Gray has always been my favorite color as of the last few years but seeing how the “GrayLac” picks up hues from around the room??? Love grays even more! …well… love Behr’s GrayLac! I️ look forward to your next article Larayne from Behr!

    • Larayne Boaz says:

      Thank you Shari, I enjoy writing them! Graylac is a warm beautiful gray. I love the way it appears in this room.

  2. Meghan Mitchell says:

    Hi, this fabric is beautiful. Can you share the brand/name of the pattern?

    • Larayne Boaz says:

      I agree with you Meghan. I really like the fabric, how the colors from it complements the wall color and pulls everything together. The fabric is from Dorell Fabric Outlet, Fountain Valley CA,

  3. Tracy says:

    Where did the floral fabric behind the shelves cone from? I love the look!!

    • Larayne Boaz says:

      I love the look also! The colors in the fabric complement the wall color and pulls everything together. The fabric is from Dorell Fabric Outlet, Fountain Valley CA,

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