Western Gothic

Dining Room with brick accent wall to the right and a back accent wall painted in Blackout. Dining table in foreground and western decor.

An emerging new interior aesthetic is Western Gothic. This eclectic style is a blend of moody tones, vintage Victorian decor and western Americana. Key elements include dramatic color and lighting with a touch of cowboy chic. Blackout N510-7 is a deep shade with a subtle ink blue undertone. It creates the drama needed to achieve this style, highlighting the equine portrait and brick detail.

Living room with leather sofa, coffee table, and cushioned chair. Walls all painted in Thermal.

Layer leather upholstery, wood tones, and pops of dark accents as inspiration for Western Gothic. Thermal S440-7 creates an engaging look with its deep blue-green tone.

Office space with wooden table, and chairs. Western decor.

An office space translates Western Gothic with cow prints and antique furniture in dark colors. Very Navy M500-7 is a deep blue that gives off mystery and power.

dark hallway with painted timbers on the ceiling.

Create a moody hallway with a western twist. The lower wall painted Leather Work S240-7 has a rich, rustic look. Pair it with Kindling N200-6, a deep taupe gray. Painted timbers overhead on the ceiling are a final detail.

Bedroom painted in a deep burgundy hue.

Rumors MQ1-15 is a rich ruby red that brings a sense of boldness to any space.

 Bringing Western Gothic into your home can be as simple as paint color or you can do a complete overhaul of wild west accessories.

a palette of western inspired colors.

If you are ready to embrace this aesthetic visit these colors and more on behr.com

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