A Special Space for Dad

A man sitting comfortably in a chair, resting his face on his hand and looking out across the room.

This month we celebrate Father’s Day. When I think about my dad, I am reminded of big bear hugs and loud belly laughter. He surrounded his family with love and always made us feel secure and safe. He has long passed, I am left with the tender memories of him puttering around the house, fixating over a puzzle and unwinding with a newspaper.

My fondest memory was seeing how relaxed and comfortable he was in his home, especially in his special room. He had his oversized leather chairs, a bookcase filled with knowledge, pictures of natures’ land with birds in flight, and was surrounded by the blue color of a night sky. When our family joined him, the space became a place to play games and tell stories of our day.

A living room with oversized leather chairs and couches. The walls are painted in a dark blue color.
Walls: Starless Night PPU14-20

Special rooms like this are important, especially now. We all need a place to gather our thoughts before we start the day. A space in our home that is quiet and closed off from the rest of the household is important for our minds to think and process. Creativity is important, and having an area to let that out is helpful during times of stress when we need to just let our minds wander. As we wind down for the day, a room for relaxation and fun is most important. Here are some ideas for your home that your dad will delight in this Father’s Day.

An outside area lets you enjoy the quiet sounds of the morning. Sitting with your dad and a cup of coffee brings on great conversations.  Take in that special advice and knowledge that only a dad can give while you both enjoy the peaceful feeling from a backdrop of lush greenery and earthy-tones. A small fountain and pops of color keep the mood composed and genuine.

An outside area with two comfortable chairs and wide big wood steps to sit on. On the steps is a small water fountain. The body of the home is painted in a beige color.
Body: Riviera Beach PPU7-7

A space dedicated to work and study provides the privacy dad needs for focus. A desk or workbench, proper task lighting, and a comfortable chair make it possible to stay focused and motivated. Using a blue color on the walls is calming, while artwork and plants lift the spirits and help maintain a positive mood.

A home office with a small wood desk, stool and leather chair. The walls are painted in a blue color.
Walls: Meadow Phlox S540-3

The garage is well known as being a retreat and haven for many dads. Finished cabinets, a peg wall, sturdy boxes, and hooks will keep the space looking clean and organized. To bring warmth in the room, paint the walls and door with warm, natural tones. Your dad will love puttering around in his new space… and your family may notice more projects being done around the house since his tools are easy at hand.

A garage that has been converted into a tool room with metal cabinets and a workbench.
Walls: Ottertail N220-5

Having a room for nothing but fun will be one of the most popular spaces in the house.  All you need is a comfortable couch filled with pillows and a large screen TV.  If you have space, a billiards or ping pong table is a nice addition. Personal items like trophies and framed photography will make this room even more special. A nice grounding gray color keeps the room cozy while the red color provides energy in the area it’s needed.

A living room with a couch and a lot of pillows. There is a large screen TV and a shelf with trophies on it mounted to a wall that is painted in a gray color. Across from this area is a smaller area with a pool table and walls painted in a red color.
Living Area Walls: Elephant Skin PPU18-16, Pool Table Area Walls: Red Pepper PPU2-2

This Father’s Day we will celebrate the men around us, the ones that have passed, and the ones who are soon to be a dad. Enjoy this day with that special person in your life that you are proud to call your dad.

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