Winter Whites

Kitchen with walls and cabinets painted in white.
Walls: Falling Snow, Cabinets: Melting Icicles

We can appreciate what the winter season has to offer with its white blankets of snow and chilly crisp cold weather. It is a time to relax at home, reflect on what’s to come and plan your year ahead. Surrounding yourself in winter white hues can brighten up those cold winter days and nights.

Cozy living room sitting area next to the fireplace.

This living room is painted in Frost 57, a cool crisp white tone making this area feel spacious, quiet and simple. Cozy up this winter season with a warm fire and soft blanket.

Bedroom image with Falling Snow paint color on the walls.

An abundance of different white tones makes this room feel clean, modern and bright. Falling Snow PPU18-07 is a warmed up white tone perfect for a bedroom to bring in a quiet and calm atmosphere.

Bathroom image with free standing soaker.

Whisper White HDC-MD-08 is a clean milky white. This hue creates a classic bathroom look making it airy and opulent.

White tones are timeless and can be used anywhere in the home to bring a refreshed, modern and cozy feeling.

To learn more about these and other popular whites, visit or your local Home Depot store.

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