Wrapped with Love




Gifts wrapped in stenciled wrapping paper with ornament as bows.
Personalization doesn’t have to stop at purchase! This easy, DIY, paint project allows you to show, just how much, you care by giving every gift its own unique wrapping.
Holiday stencils
Solid color, unpatterned wrapping paper
Paint -we used Hot and Spicy T17-18
Clear glass or plastic ornaments
Paint pen
Sponge brush
Step 1: Select holiday theme stencil
Find and select a stencil to decorate your wrapping paper.  If the stencil is grouped with others, you can cut the stencil out. Roll the paper out across your workspace when ready to begin painting.
Person cutting out stencils.
Step 2: Blot paint 
Dip your sponge brush into your paint color. Blot off excess paint on a paper towel before applying to the stencil. Doing so will keep the paint from bleeding through the stencil edges.
Dabbing excess paint onto a napkin.
Step 3: Paint stencil
Place your stencil onto your wrapping paper where you’d like the pattern to begin.  Tap over the stencil lightly with your sponge brush to fill in the pattern with color.  When the pattern has been filled in, carefully lift the stencil up and move to a new position.
Woman's hands using a sponge brush and painting with stencil on white wrapping paper. Painting with stencil on white wrapping paper. Painting a poinsettia pattern using a sponge brush and a stencil.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are happy with the look of your wrapping paper pattern. Allow your paper to dry before wrapping presents.
Step 4: Cut paper
If you used multiple stencils, cut out your pattern pieces to begin wrapping.
cutting paper
Step 5: Wrap presents
wrapping present wrapped present
Step 6: Create name tag (optional)
We wanted to use these gifts as a seating placement guide at our holiday diner.  To do so we created custom name ornament place cards. For detailed how-to steps click here.
taking off the lid of a clear ornament Filling ornament with paint. Screw cover back on ornament.
When colored and together as one piece, write the name of your event attendees on the ornaments with your paint pen.
using a paint pen to write on ornament
Step 7: Tie to present
red and white striped string Tying string on wrapped present. Adding ornament on present.
Repeat for all attending.
Step 8: Place on a plate to direct and delight.
place setting with present on top of plate.
Colorfully yours,

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