2021 Color Trends: Elevated Comfort

The changes we’ve encountered in 2020 have set the stage for us to find ways to elevate our new normal—especially when it comes to the sanctuary of our homes and the expression of color inside and out. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the BEHR® Color Trends 2021 Palette with an eye towards Elevated Comfort. This palette of 21 hues spanning from essential neutrals to lavish bolds was curated from extensive research across multiple categories—including fashion, food, travel, pop culture and more—and selected to deliver the on-trend colors DIYers and designers can embrace to level-up their projects.

From walls to walkways, color has never played a more important role to ensure living spaces incorporate an atmosphere that sets a certain mood and provides a sense of well-being. The 2021 Color Trends Palette offers a mix of hues that evoke a collective desire for comfort to infuse creativity into the color selection process. Discover design trends and embrace the power of color expression to bring more of what we all need right now into our lives—Elevated Comfort.

A visual graphic of the BEHR color trends 2021 palette which includes 21 colors.

The curated BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette effortlessly adapts to six trending themes to create a sense of comfort that suits any style:

Casual Comfort: Light and cozy neutrals offer an updated take on the casual farmhouse look, achievable with warm-toned hues like Almond Wisp PPU5-12  and Sierra N240-4

Optimistic View: An eclectic mix of bright, luxe shades evoke a Mediterranean or ’70s glam vibe, featuring festive colors like Saffron Strands PPU6-02 or Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25.

Subtle Focus: Soft pastels like Seaside Villa S190-1 and Wishful Green M410-2 are inspired by modern versions of art deco design and styling, surrounding a space in subtle sweetness.

Calm Zone: Nurturing blues and greens continue to trend alongside  society’s desire for selfcare and well-being, with colors like Jojoba N390-3 and Voyage PPU13-07 creating calm, restorative spaces.

Quiet Haven: Darker, evocative colors are fit for traditional and maximalist décor, with hues like Royal Orchard PPU11-01 and Broadway PPU18-20, creating boldness and balance..

Outdoor Escape: Any shade from the palette can be used to add curb appeal and expand your home’s livable space, whether it’s wrapping a home or targeting those focal points like doors, shutters or trim, you can find the hue that shows off your exterior..

Upgrade a bedroom or living space with rich  colors like Saffron Strands to create energizing yet comforting new focal points while balanced with the softness of Smoky White.

An urban rustic modern bedroom, an accent wall featuring a golden yellow color called Saffron Strands.  A modern natural wood bed with mostly white bedding.  The overall feel of the room is sophisticated and down-to-earth without feeling rustic.
Accent Wall- Saffron Strands PPU6-02, Side Walls- Smoky White BWC-13

Create a dramatic room setting that expresses character with deep accent colors like Euphoric Magenta and Broadway.

An eclectic dining area with an accent bookshelf as one of the focal points.  The outer bookshelf features a black color called Broadway and the back of the shelves are not quite pink and not quite purple, they’re painted in an accent magenta color called Euphoric Magenta.
Walls- Smoky White BWC-13, Bookshelf – Broadway PPU18-20 & Euphoric Magenta M110-7

Take a moment of reflection and enhance your comfort zone by getting lost in an ocean of Caribe blue, it easily coordinates with other hues making it easy to use in decorating schemes.

A comfy modern sitting area featuring a medium blue green color on the wall called Caribe.
Wall – Caribe PPU13-01

Cozy up with the calming essence of Seaside Villa in a vintage-inspired bathroom.

A modern powder room featuring a soft pink wall color called Seaside Villa, the vanity furniture piece is dark wood. Green, black and gray accents complete the room.
Wall: Seaside Villa S190-1

Feel the familiar ease of your favorite worn-in-denim, try Jean Jacket Blue on a little accent piece that’ll make you smile at the end of the day. 

A chic office featuring a blue color on the wall called Jean Jacket Blue. The décor elements are a mix of contemporary and some more traditional pieces, including a brassy lamp and a comfy upholstered chair.
Wall- Jean Jacket Blue S510-4

Explore the 2021 Color Trends palette at Behr.com and exclusively in-store at The Home Depot

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  • Afton Jackson says...

    Thank you for mentioning how darker and more evocative colors can create quiet havens at home. This is something I feel like my house has needed for a long time since, aside from the bedrooms, no one has any place that they can just relax in. Once I get a professional painter to help us out, I’ll make sure that I create a lounge room using the colors you suggested.

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