April Showers

Bedroom image with a stormy blue accent wall in Chance of Rain. Blue furnishings, plants and natural wood tones.

April Showers brings to mind a range of beautiful soft blues that can be used in any area of your home. Chance of Rain PPU26-19 is the stormy blue clouds covering the sky. This blue-gray is well balanced and will create a peaceful look in a bedroom.

Bathroom painted in a blooming blue spring color in After Rain. 
Free standing tub, modern tiles and wood toned cabinet.

After Rain M520-2 is the calm after the storm making it a brighter optimistic blue. After Rain is what helps the soils to prepare for the blooming spring flowers in April.

Light and airy blue painted room in Light Drizzle. Furnishings in creams and tans.

Light Drizzle N480-1 is not quite a rain drop yet not a sprinkle. It is light, airy and subtle just like this hue.

Bathroom image painted in Rainy Season a blue inspired by the spring rainstorms. Features plants, free standing tub and a calming atmosphere.

Rainy Season MQ5-27 is inspired by a spring rainstorm and is a medium-toned blue. If you are looking for a color inspired by April showers, these blues are colorful reminders of gentle rains and their life-enhancing beauty.

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