Cozy Up With Cocoa

Table top image decorated with cups of cocoa and marshmallows, a spoon, chocolate chip cookies, cocoa powder and paint can lids with cocoa inspired colors.

When it comes to flavors that define the holiday season, cocoa is the first that comes to mind. The warm sweetness combined with the rich color makes it a taste sensation that appeals to everyone. Cozying up by a fire and making memories with family and friends is that much more enjoyable when a cup of hot cocoa is nearby.

Bedroom image with square paneled accent wall in a deep brown orange bronzed hue. Remaining walls in a creamy tone.

Bring nostalgia to the bedroom with Cocoa Nutmeg S190-5. This hue is a deep brown with bronzed orange undertones. It provides a balanced look with an accent wall surrounded by creams and grays.

Bedroom image with accent wall in Lite Cocoa.

To create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and relaxation use Lite Cocoa MQ1-55. The color of brown with hints of peachy tones for that added homely touch.   

Bedroom image with a warm creamy white tone in Warm Marshmallow.

Melted marshmallows are a favorite hot cocoa topping. A paint hue reminiscent of that soft creamy treat is Warm Marshmallow HDC-NT-11A.  It provides the perfect amount of sweetness and warmth.

Bedroom image in a warm brown tone with rosy undertones.

Cocoa Craving N150-3 is a rosy beige perfect for creating a nostalgic and relaxing vibe in a bedroom.

All in all remember to enjoy every moment of the holiday season.

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