painted chairs sitting on the front lawn surrounded by pink and yellow flowers/
It’s only a matter of time before we will be blessed with foliage and an array of stunning colour across Canada.  It can be hard to imagine we will soon be shopping for annuals to grace our yards to inject colour, colour and more colour.  Right now, the weather keeps teasing us, with rain, snow and sleet.  And, as Canadians, we are eagerly awaiting the days ahead where we can smell, see and experience the outdoors without having to bundle up and face the cold.
A collage of images with flowers representing pink and purple colors.
paint drop is pinks, purple, and green.

 Ballerina Tutu P130-6, Chakra P100-6, Fresh Sprout PPU9-07 and Sugar Poppy P170-4

There are so many choices when visiting a garden centre, it can be difficult to make a decision. So, why not let your home guide you.   You can’t go wrong by selecting flowers in the same colour family as the siding of your abode!
A collage of images representing blue flowers.
Paint drops representing purple, green, white and blue colors

Lavender Cloud P550-3, Serene Breeze M440-2, Night Blooming Jasmine YL-W10 and Blue Hydrangea PPU15-13

Here, Behr’s Serene Breeze marries well with the array of bountiful hydrangeas.
A collage of images representing red and orange flowers.
Paint drops representing orange, greens, and yellow flowers.

Top Tomato P180-7, Bok Choy M400-3, English Daisy P290-6, and Tuscan Herbs

A re-purposed bathtub, serves as a planter.  The contrast of the green against the vivid orange and yellow flowers is a fun approach to experimenting with hits of colour during the season.
April showers will surely bring May flowers.
Colourfully yours,

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