Color of the Month: Moonlit Beach

by Diana Olvera

May is a month when enjoyable weather begs us to spend more and more time outdoors. The beach beckons, if only for walks at dusk or dawn. Behr color Moonlit Beach RD-W05 captures that idyllic warm, nearly white sky that greets us with hints of pastel pink during that peaceful stroll along the sand, which is why we’ve selected it as the Color of the Month.

Moonlit Beach makes an excellent alternative to all-white office walls.  An office with minimal decor and color variation could be the key to keeping your mind and your project on track as deadlines approach. For a room with a white desk, pickled white wood flooring and even a white door, Moonlit Beach is an excellent wall color that softens an otherwise stark space. The few decorative accents, also in white or dusty pink, help keep your eyes on project at hand.

Wall: Moonlit Beach RD-W05Trim& Door: Bit of Sugar PR-W14

Moonlit Beach is also wonderful for bathroom walls, making the space feel inviting and comforting in the most subtle manner. It’s a darling backdrop for a claw-foot tub and works well, color-wise, with just about any type and shade of flooring. For a wood-floored bathroom, outfit the space with nature-inspired elements such as wicker baskets, plants and a few photos of peaceful outdoor environments.

Wall: Moonlit Beach RD-W05 Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

A bedroom also benefits from Moonlit Beach walls, as this color is as serene as a beautiful sunset on a warm night. This soothing shade also pairs well with intense wall colors, such as dark gray entry walls leading into the bedroom. Adorn the bed with a light gray or white duvet cover and layered bedding in whites, grays and even pinks and golds. Dark gray Euro pillows, propped up behind bed pillows and a few patterned throw pillows, give the sleeping area a chic hotel room vibe. A gold and crystal chandelier instead of a standard ceiling fixture looks surprisingly stunning in such a space.

Left Wall: Mined Coal PPU18-18 Right Wall: Moonlit Beach RD-W05

For more color and design inspiration visit our Color Studio on Behr.com.

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4 responses to “Color of the Month: Moonlit Beach”

  1. Marjorie randall says:

    I’m going to try this color looks perfect for my living room

    • Deanna Torrez says:

      Hello Marjorie, thank you for visiting our blog! That sounds amazing! Happy Painting with Moonlit Beach!

      Colorfully Yours,

  2. Belle says:

    I just painted my guest bedroom and bath this color. Very tranquil with sheer white linen curtains and you can use any color for bedding and wall decor. Have gotten lots of compliments from friends and neighbors.

    • Deanna Torrez says:

      That is so wonderful to hear Belle! Thank you for sharing your color story! 🙂

      Colorfully Yours,

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