Color of the Month: Dark Cobalt Blue

Blue and white abstract painting and mirror in wooden frame in elegant living room interior with corner sofa and coffee table
wall: Dark Cobalt Blue, trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE ®

The long, dreamy summer days have arrived and with that the timeless desire for extended seaside and lakeside adventures. Balmy temperatures and sunny skies make perfect companions for a getaway. What could be better than an early summer color that reminds of us of marine views, cooling breezes and the feel of warm sand beneath our feet?

In this edition of Color of the Month, we look at the stunning beauty of Dark Cobalt Blue. With its vibrant tone and eye-catching intensity, this cool hue captures water’s life-giving vitality. We love how it brings a carefree and relaxing vibe to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

The top view of an open paint can, the paint inside featured a deep blue color called Dark Cobalt Blue.

Dark Cobalt Blue shows its versatility in every room pairing well with classic white, light neutrals, black, gray, other shades of blue and a wide range of finishes and materials.

Entries and mudrooms in Dark Cobalt Blue invite you home after a long day — especially when paired with bright white cabinetry and warm-colored flooring.

A modern mudroom/entry area painted in light gray color, white trim and cabinetry. There is a dark blue accent color being featured that highlight the built-in sitting area.
walls: : Platinum, accent: Dark Cobalt Blue, ceiling & trim: Whisper White

In a bathroom, Dark Cobalt Blue refreshes and creates a sense of spa-like refuge with its watery appeal. It harmonizes with brushed gold, polished surfaces, and crisp white trim.

A traditional bathroom with a modern twist.  There is deep blue accent color being featured on a wall, this accent color serves as a bold background  for the clawfoot tub.
left wall: Platinum, right wall: Dark Cobalt Blue trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE ®

Dark Cobalt Blue can be easily incorporated into any room and décor style from traditional to modern. We love how it is centering and uplifting, enveloping a space with depth and energy.

A colorful and casual nursery.  The room has a large window with an open garden vista.  The crib is white and modern with natural wood-tone legs. the room also features an accent walls with skinny shiplap painted in a blue color called Dark Cobalt Blue.
walls, ceiling & trim: Whisper White, accent wall: Dark Cobalt Blue

Set against polished stainless steel and smooth granite, Dark Cobalt Blue creates a high-spirited ambiance that draws in friends and family for kitchen gatherings. This summer color harmonizes while inspiring conversation and culinary pastimes.

A beautiful neutral kitchen with stainless appliances and dark blue kitchen island which server as a fun focal point and the room.
walls: Gratifying Gray*, cabinets: Smoky White BWC-13, island: Dark Cobalt Blue   *Behr’s comparable color to Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

Painted in a study or home office, Dark Cobalt Blue centers your attention for greater focus and concentration. Whether used as a tonal accent for the desk, wall, or shelving, this vibrant yet cool shade works overtime to keep you productive, balanced, and sublimely in tune with yourself. 

A casual home office featuring a built- in desk and shelving  area,  a bright blue accent color adds visual interest and fun to the space.
 walls: White, shelves: Classic Silver, desk: Dark Cobalt Blue
A casual home office featuring a built- in desk and shelving  area,  a bright blue color creates a focal point and highlight the vertical shiplap accent wall.
 walls: White, desk: Classic Silver, accent: Dark Cobalt Blue
A casual home office featuring a built- in desk,  a bright blue color serves a fun background to the shelving area and décor elements.
 walls: White, desk: Classic Silver, accent: Dark Cobalt Blue

Dark Cobalt Blue: one color representing a wealth of coastal seascapes, summer daydreams, and dramatic vistas. From its rich intensity to the way it makes us feel centered yet energized, this hue is perfect for every space. Welcome the July Color of the Month into your home today.  

A Craftsman's style home exterior featuring the main entry area of the home. The body of the house is a mid-tone gray, the door is a bright cobalt blue  which adds a modern twist and curb appeal to house.
body: Classic Silver, door: Dark Cobalt Blue, trim: White

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