Trend Color Spotlight: Blue Metal

Living room showing a beige couch with a blue and white pillow and a gray blanket draped on the arm of the couch. The wall has a painting the ocean. The wall behind the couch is painted in Blue Metal.

Blue Metal HDC-AC-25 is a deep grayed-blue that is perfect for setting the right mood in your home.

Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color Blue Metal.

This dark and cozy color is great for relaxing with a book or chilling on the couch with your family and friends. Although this color has a lot of blue, visually it appears almost neutral, making it easy to coordinate with other colors.

A sitting area with a yellow chair and a blue and white pillow. The wall behind the chair is painted in Blue Metal.

Adding in light neutrals or a pop of color will brighten up the room, just a bit while keeping the mood relaxed and welcoming.

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