Color of the Month: Fanciful

 A collage of images featuring a light purple snowing vista, a modern living room with purple decorative elements, a light purple living room with a fireplace  and, a a collection of paint metal cans featuring purple tones.

April is the month when we see colors return to the landscape’s palette, turning it into a rainbow-inspired playground of springtime activity for all life. Flowers in soft pastels evoke feelings of joy, announcing that spring has finally arrived. Behr color Fanciful M560-2, a gentle lilac, perfectly captures the spirit of this fresh new season, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month.

An open paint can and brush overview showing well paint tinted in light purple color called Fanciful.

Fanciful infuses its peaceful energy into a living room or family space, making the room feel more calming and open. Paint all the walls with Fanciful for a variation from basic white, or go for just one Fanciful wall to turn it into a focal point. This color looks stunning in a room decked out in black and white or warm neutrals. It also pairs well with modern decor choices such as black French doors.

A classic living room with two large double metal and glass doors.  Tiled fireplace and walls painted in a light purple color called Fanciful.
Walls: Fanciful M560-2, Trim: Frost 57, Doors: Carbon N520-7

Fanciful also serves as a tranquil color on a wall transitioning from one area to another, such as the space beyond a stairway. Outfit the rest of the space with natural wood elements and area rugs with hints of sky blue or a warm gray.

A light purple hallway and staircase area with minimal decorative elements. Hallway decorative elements include a sitting bench, coat rack. and wall artwork.
Walls: Fanciful M560-2, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE

The bedroom is the perfect locale for Fanciful walls, supporting this room’s role as the home’s sanctuary of relaxation and sleep. Fanciful is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine as well, so it works well with just about any room theme. This soothing shade works remarkably well in a rustic bedroom, outfitted with a headboard and dressers made from reclaimed wood. Enhance the space with monochromatic or grayscale art pieces. Window and door trim painted in Fanciful dissolve boundaries making the room appear more open and spacious .

A modern rustic bedroom featuring cleaned lined and rough wood furniture.  Wall with two large windows, painted in a light purple color.
Dresser: Muscat Grape M560-7, Walls and Trim: Fanciful M560-2,

Fanciful walls are also idyllic in the bathroom, especially in a room otherwise awash in white. The cool undertones in Fanciful add a tranquil, almost dreamlike touch to this space that’s all about de-stressing at the beginning or end of the day. A modern white freestanding tub, paired with white cabinets and gray marbled countertops, blend seamlessly into their serene surroundings. Silver fixtures and mirror frames complete the look of a streamlined and peaceful space.

A large spa-like bathroom with wall mount sink furniture and a modern white ceramic tub. A wall size window allowing ample natural light into the room.  Walls painted in light purple color called Fanciful.
Walls: Fanciful M560-2, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE

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