Poolside Palette

Exterior House with patio set and pool in the foreground.

What better way is there to spend a summer afternoon than lounging by the pool? Enhance your poolside view by adding Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22 to exterior doors or patio window trim. This cool, water-based color will enhance the relaxing vibe of your outdoor setting.

Adirondack chairs painted in a teal color and pool in the foreground.

Add a pop of color to your outdoor space with chairs spray painted in a refreshing color like Hidden Sea Glass P450-4.  Our BEHR Premium Spray Paint has excellent adhesion to different substrates including wood, metal and even wicker. Its advance hiding qualities comes in many other hues and is guaranteed to create an updated look on any piece.

Interior living room in foreground with dining area in background. Coastal vibe colors in peach, teals and yellows.

Continue the beachy fun inside with cheerful hues. Bring in soft aqua furnishings and add Peach Mimosa HDC-MD-18 on the walls. Finish the look by accenting your window trim in Radiant Sun P310-6.

Exterior door image with decorative planters and a bench.

Set the mood with an inspiring front door color. A soothing blue like Sunken Pool S440-1 will impart a sense of relaxation while Sizzling Sunset P200-6 will dazzle with its festive note. 

Poolside Palette colors.

Enjoy a sense of summer all year long with these eye catching hues ranging from cool blue to sunny yellow. For more colors like these and how to use them visit behr.com.

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