Chalk Decorative Paint: Easy Lighting Update




Cube shelves with decorative items such lamp, clock, notebooks, pencils and pencil holder.
Some of the best items to paint are those that may look worse for wear, but have attractive details and structure.  A well made piece is worth refurbishing if all it needs is a new color and look.
To complete this project you will need the following:
Tools and Materials:
Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint -color Miniature Rose BCP02
Piece of furniture to be painted (can be a new or old piece)
Paint brush
Behr® Wax Decorative Finish in White
Clean rag for wax application
Sandpaper or a sanding block
We are sure at one time this lamp, pre-makeover, looked fantastic surrounded by decor items in the traditional glamour style.  However, now it is destined for a more youthful and feminine oriented space, and a change is in order.
A before photo and an old lamp.
Step 1: Prep
Remove the current bulb and shade, then clean any dirt and grime off of the lamp body with a gentle cleaning solution.  Sand the lamp lightly with a piece of sand paper or your sanding block and wipe it free of sanding dust.
Lamp base being sanded down before painting it.
Step 2: Paint
With a small brush paint the lamp body.  Be sure to cover all the details in color.  Allow to dry and apply second coat if necessary/desired.
A lamp base getting a coat of fresh paint.
Step 3: Apply wax
Apply your Behr® Wax Decorative Finish in the color of your choice.  The wax is best seen when pushed into the cracks and low points of the detail.
A lamp's base being waxed in the cracks.
A after image of a lamp's base after it has been painted and waxed.
Step 5: Finish and enjoy
Complete the look of your lamp with a new shade and bulb.  Set it up in your new space and enjoy!
An antique lamp after it has been made over with new paint and new shade.
For more information on the Behr® Chalk Decorative System visit
For a short video detailing this new system click here.
Colorfully yours,

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Comments (3)

  • Linda says...

    Why do you have to sand before using your chalk paint When other chalk paint does not require it?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Linda, thank you for visiting our blog! Sanding is not necessary with Behr Chalk Decorative Paint unless you are applying it over a glossy or very slick surface then a light scuffing would be recommended.
      Hope this helps!
      Colorfully Yours,

  • donna says...

    Please do not paint vintage brass!!!!

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