How to: Three Color Ombre Wall




A three color ombre wall of a bathroom.
Small spaces can often be the best places to add brilliant splashes of color.  Can’t decide on one color, how about three?

To complete this project you will need the following:
⋅ Paint – 3 Colors
⋅ Paint Trays
⋅ Contractor’s Paper
⋅ Paint Rollers
⋅ Roller Covers
STEP 1: Paint Wall Color 1
This look was designed to showcase 3 colors. To begin remove all possible décor and furnishings. Divide the wall you are painting into thirds, paint the top third with your first color.
A person pouring light blue paint on a plastic tray liner.
STEP 2: Paint Wall Color 2
Paint the middle third of the wall with your second color.
A person painting over light blue color with second coat of paint in a blue color called Blueprint.
STEP 3: Paint Wall Color 3
Paint the bottom third of the wall with your third color
A person painting over the lower wall with a dark blue color.
STEP 4: Allow To Dry
Allow the wall to dry two hours before you begin blending.
A wall showcasing an upper wall, a mid-wall and lower painted in three different blue colors.
STEP 5: Remove Excess Paint
To do this roll over the contractor’s paper until only a small amount of paint comes off the roller.
A wet roller with a dark blue color being rolled over paper to get rid of excess paint before beginning wall paint blending process.
STEP 6: Blend Colors – Bottom
Start by rolling the third color up over the second color. Use more roller pressure below the dividing line and less above to create the blended look. Be sure to repeat step 5 if you need to add more paint to your roller.
A handheld paint roller starting the paint blending process on a wall painted with three different blue paint colors.
STEP 7: Blend Colors – Top
Repeat steps 5 and 6 to blend the middle color over the top color.
A person paint blending two different blue colors on the wall to create ombre effect.
STEP 8: Enjoy
Allow the paint to dry 2 hours before resetting your room. Enjoy your new ombre look!
A small bathroom showcasing a small sink, oval mirror with wood frame, and a small table with bath linens and ceramic pieces. A wall with an ombre paint effect.
Featured colors: Upper wall- Watery HCD-CT-26, Middle wall: Blueprint S470-5, Lower wall: Dark Navy S350-7
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