Pinecone Bouquet

by Deanna Torrez

Instead of setting out a flower bouquet this holiday season opt for an exquisite pinecone bouquet full of glorious greenery. Create a perfect balance of bold colored pinecones and decorative faux pine needles! This stylish statement will be the life of the holiday festivities.

To complete this project you will need the following:

Stem wire

Glitter floral tape


Faux pine needles



Paint we used: Nocturne Shade T18-04

Step 1: Dip Pinecones

Put on some gloves and begin dipping as many pinecones you want in your bouquet.

Step 2: Drip

Allow excess paint to drip down and let pinecones dry for a day.

Step 3: Drill a hole

After paint is dry drill a hole on the bottom of the pinecones.

Step 4: Stem Wires

Insert two stem wires into hole.

Step 5: Wrap!

Wrap both wires with glitter tape.

This will be your final look of wires wrapped with glitter tape, you can choose any color of glitter tape depending on the look you are going for.

Find the perfect vase and place the pine needs, pinecones and any other decorative elements you would like to create the perfect pinecone bouquet for your holiday festivities.

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Colorfully Yours,



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