Color of the Month: Fresh Apple

A collage of images representing the color: Fresh Apple.
March is the time of plant shoots emerging from their wintry rest beneath the soil. New growth emerges as trees show their first buds. Nature transforms out of its dull, drab neutrals into energetic, vibrant greens, which is why we’ve chosen Fresh Apple P360-6 as Behr’s, March color of the month.
Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for: Fresh Apple
An exterior door decked out in this vivid yellow-green creates a welcoming environment for guests before they even enter your home. Both elegant and cheery, this green evokes a sense of intrigue and excitement noticeable from the curb. Warm, white trim around the door highlights this hue’s youthful energy even more.
An exterior home entry with front door paint in Fresh Apple.

Body: Sawgrass N350-2, Trim:White Wool GR-W1, Door: Fresh Apple P360-6

Inside, Fresh Apple makes a strong yet welcoming statement in a foyer or entryway. Paint the walls, or even just one, in this glorious green tone to give the space a playful, inviting personality. As a foyer focal wall, Fresh Apple works well in a white or gray space dotted with black or white accent pieces and any shades of wood furniture.
A hallway with wall painted in Fresh Apple.

Walls (left to right): Fresh Apple P360-6, Naturalist Gray N380-5, Mortar N380-1, Door: Carbon N520-7, Trim: White 52

Fresh Apple also serves as a pleasing accent tone in an otherwise neutral space. Add cheery green throw pillows to a gray sofa to jazz up a conversational grouping. A vibrant green vase alongside white home accessories immediately makes the space feel fresh and inviting, inspiring conversation.
A living room with gray walls and bright green pillows.

Walls: Eon N370-2, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE

Add a jolt of energy to your kitchen with Fresh Apple on the cabinets. This fresh-off-the-tree tone adds excitement and anticipation to a modern white kitchen. Fresh Apple also looks great alongside slate and steel kitchen accents.
A kitchen with white walls and cabinets painted in Fresh Apple.

Wall and Trim: Unwind GR-W5, Cabinets: Fresh Apple P360-6, ULTRA PURE WHITE

Brighten up your living room by painting the walls in Fresh Apple. This intriguing green brings with it a touch of nature, inspiring both a peace of mind and a sense of renewal to all who visit your home’s inner sanctum. Outfit the rest of the room with stone or hardwood flooring, white window trim and espresso, black or natural wood accents.  Add a few pops of a vivid yellow for an extra splash of warmth.
An outdoor living area with the  walls painted in Fresh Apple.

Walls: Fresh Apple P360-6, Ceiling: ULTRA PURE WHITE, Accent: Squash Blossom P290-5

To see how this color would look in your space click here.
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Comments (4)

  • Linda Weeks says...

    Oh this color is wonderful. What a happy shade of green! Think I’ll get some and then figure out where to paint!!

  • PJ says...

    What colors do you put with this color besides white?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      PJ, Thank you for your interest in BEHR Products.
      We will recommend the following colors besides white to also coordinate with Fresh Apple – Classic Silver PPU18-11, Baja PPU7-08, Aged Beige PPU7-09, Coliseum Marble PPU8-16.
      Please let us know if you have any more questions.
      Colorfully Yours,

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