Color of the Month: Cupcake Pink

A collage of images representing the paint color: Cupcake Pink
Emulating the soft, rosy glow of a pink sky at sunset, Cupcake Pink  M160-1 is a soothing, serene shade that brings a feeling of calmness to interior spaces. These pinks tend to be a rich rose or a coral blush and are perfect for adding a splash of color to many different palettes. Recently, Pantone named a delicate pink color, rose quartz, as a Pantone 2016 color of the year. A paint drop representing the color: Cupcake Pink Our matching color, Cupcake Pink M160-1, is very subtle and lends itself to broad decorating strokes, making it easy to add to a home. The secret to making cupcake pink blend and complement, not stand out awkwardly, is to pair it with warm neutrals. These can be soft, like silver gray or almond cream or rich, like spiced berry or coral. A whisper of pink on the walls, when paired with neutral shades of warm gray, creamy white and pale almond, gives a room a crisp, expansive look. To bring more depth the room, use midtones of green, purple, rich brown or gold for the trim and accent pieces. A bedroom with the headboard and footboard painted in Cupcake Pink. Walls of room are painted in white. The Bedding is cream and red hues. In large estate homes where rooms are big and weighty, soft pink might not suit the public rooms, but it’s perfect for bringing serenity into the private places, like the bedrooms and bathrooms. Use cupcake pink on one large piece in a bedroom, perhaps on the headboard, and add coordinating accents with pillows, bed linens and rugs in shades of pink and red. Balance it all with warm neutrals everywhere else. A bathroom with walls painted in Cupcake Pink.  Bathrooms are perfect for this shade of pink, especially those with white or cream hard surfaces. Use it for the towels, window treatments and rugs, but mix these up with autumn russet, toasted walnut, thyme green or igloo blue so the room doesn’t stray into cuteness. A interior entryway painted in gray and white with the doors painted in Cupcake Pink A whole room doesn’t have to be dedicated to pinkness. A coat of cupcake pink on the inside of the front door might be just the small touch needed to update the look of a home, especially one with country cottage decor. A funky and unusual light fixture in pink could be the one thing needed to reanimate a dining nook. Think pink this spring and use our Behr color, cupcake pink, to bring composure to yourself and your surroundings.
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