Painted Arches

An urban boho living room featuring a painted arches mural.  There is a large arch, two smaller arches inside the large arch and a circular shape emulating a sun.  Wall mural wall is painted in a white color called Whisper White.  The arches are painted in a warm autumn inspired color palette. The living room includes a gray velvet sofa, a hammered brass side table and some fun decorative décor elements including a succulent plant and a cactus plant.

Painted arches  murals are having a moment right now and are versatile enough to be incorporated into any room. Use them as a focal point  to help a space feel relaxed or bring visual interest to a room. Carefully chose where you want your arch to go as all eyes will be on it upon entering a room!

For the arch design in this project, we chose colors from the BEHR® Color Trends 2022 Palette. The combination of colors is a soothing harmony and provides a sense of warmth.

The painted arches design can be achieved following these simple steps:



Ruler or level ruler


Painters tape



Arches –  Behr Marquee 8oz. samples available at

Paint Roller

Small Angled Paint Brush

Paint Tray and Liner

Step 1 – Create Base of Arch

With a pencil draw vertical lines to indicate the base width of the arch.

Step 2 – Create Curve of Arch

Measure a piece of string to half the width of the arch base, allow extra string to attach a pencil. Tape one edge of string in the center, between the horizontal lines, top area. While keeping the string tight, use the pencil attached to draw the curved part of the arch.

Step 3 – Paint Arch

Use painters tape along the straight areas to prevent from painting outside the lines. For the curved areas, a small angled brush is helpful to use around the inside edges to create a thick boarder before filling in. Use a roller for larger areas.

Helpful tips:

  • Always remove painters tape at a 45º angle and immediately after painting to avoid pulling back the paint.
  • Let paint completely dry before adding a second coat or using new painters tape.
  • Take a step back and touch up any areas needed.
The same urban boho living room as shown above but decorated slightly different, this version includes a green velvet chair with metallic gold legs and frame, a metallic gold  hour glass-shaped side table  and some fun decorative décor elements.
wall color: Whisper White HDC-MD-08, large arch: Perfect Penny N180-6, left inner arch: Nightingale Gray N200-3, right inner arch: Wild Mustang N240-6, painted half sun: Sunwashed Brick S180-2

The painted arches design and colors are so versatile and can easily be adapted as we move into the winter season. For more color ideas and rooms inspiration using the BEHR 2022 trends palette, visit

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