Color of the Month: Even Better Beige

A contemporary living room painted with beige color, Even Better Beige, and decorated with other beiges and darker neutrals.
walls: Even Better Beige trim: Swiss Coffee 12

The dropping temperatures and gray skies of November signal the chilly season ahead. It is a great time to turn to all things warm and inviting as we spend more time indoors. With its classic appeal, Even Better Beige is a versatile neutral that brings a warmly distinctive feeling to any space. It is the perfect light neutral for those who seek out quietude yet also want to convey a sense of soothing calm.

Even Better Beige works great for any decorating moment whether you are going for something sleek and modern or casual and elegant. It is a building-block color to create endless schemes when you’re in the mood to try something new.

The top view of an open paint can, the paint color being featured is color of the month Even Better Beige.

Variations of beige on walls, floor and ceiling creates natural and soft tone-on-tone harmony.

A casual and cozy living room space painted and decorated in a tone-on-tone color scheme.
walls: Even Better Beige, trim: Blank Canvas

A beige corner space with deep neutral accents and natural wood tones creates the perfect kitchen nook, a comfortable, no-fuss space for family and friends to gather for casual meals.

A modern farmhouse breakfast nook. Walls and trim are painted the same beige color to give this space a more modern look.
walls & trim: Even Better Beige, banquette/bench: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01

Hallways, entries, staircases and landings are often narrow, long or spaces with very little natural, these areas of the home can greatly benefit from a light tones such as Even Better Beige.

A cozy nook by the home staircase. A nice little corner to sit, relax of even read a book.  The walls are painted with a warm neutral color, Even Better Beige.
walls: Even Better Beige, staircase & trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

A beige room does not have to be boring, when layering different materials and décor elements that share a similar tone, interesting things start to happen resulting in simple yet beautiful focal point.   A coordinating warm white creates a subtle an inner glow behind these built-in shelves.

Built-in shelves in a home office, the walls are painted in  Even Better Beige and back of the shelves is painted in color of the year, Blank Canvas.
walls: Even Better Beige, back wall: Blank Canvas

A mix of neutral tones used on different décor elements and textures like walls, tile and hardwood floor create a quietly elegant home spa.

A modern bathroom with all the amenities you need for a relaxing bath at home, wall are painted with Even Better Beige.
walls: Even Better Beige, trim: Polar Bear 75

Even Better Beige is a light earthtone that blends seamlessly with the landscape and works perfectly on farmhouse or craftsman style homes.

Front photo of a small modern farmhouse exterior at sunset. The body of the house is painted with Even Better Beige and the all trim, front and garage doors are painted in BLACK.
house body: Even Better Beige, trim: BLACK
The front view of a southern California home, the architectural style is Craftsman.  The front of the house painted in a light earth tone that is typical of this style.
house body: Even Better Beige, trim: Natural White

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