Color of the Month: Red Pepper

by Diana Olvera

December is a time for get-togethers with family and friends. It also means weather that’s perfect for snuggling up indoors with a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa. Behr paint color Red Pepper PPU2-02 captures the colors of a dried chili pepper or smoked paprika powder, both which are perfect for recipes that help warm the body and soul on a cool December day. This paint hue spices things up in just about any room house all year ’round.

Red Pepper adds its creative spirit and intrigue as an exterior door color. This shade pairs well with just about any house color, especially when framed by white window and door trim. Black decorative elements such as wrought iron railings also look stunning with a dark red door in the background.

Door: Red Pepper PPU2-02

As an interior wall color, Red Pepper warms things up for an environment of pleasant conversation. Red Pepper dining room walls work well with just about any decor style, including eclectic blends of furniture. Pair wood elements such as a buffet cabinet and bent wood dining chairs with a retro modern pedestal table and a gray area rug for a look that’s surprisingly cohesive. Add a few potted plants to bring a hint of the outdoors in.

Walls: Red Pepper PPU2-02

Red Pepper is also a great color to use with an open floor plan. Paint the dining area red, for instance, to set it apart from the beige portion of the space designated as a living room. This look works incredibly well for a craftsman home with exposed wooden beams, wood floors and wooden dining furniture.

Walls: Red Pepper PPU2-02

Add visual interest by using Red Pepper to create focal points in the living room. This color creates a stunning floor-to-ceiling backdrop for a fireplace in an otherwise white or light-hued room. A wood fireplace mantel painted Red Pepper looks like a beautiful picture frame around an otherwise nondescript fireplace.

Brick Fireplace: Red Pepper PPU2-02

Red Pepper also works amazingly well in unexpected places, such as a nook beneath a staircase. Add a sideboard or other piece of furniture to the nook to maximize available floor space. A few smoky red elements in the room, such as a throw blanket and a patterned area rug, create a cohesive vibe for the space.

Inset wall: Red Pepper PPU2-02

For a look that’s completely surprising, add Red Pepper as a focal element to a bathroom otherwise decorated in neutrals. A freestanding bathtub in this deep hue is bound to start a few conversations the next time friends pay a visit.

A bathroom featuring a red classic freestanding cast iron bathtub

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