Retro Inspired Hues

A retro inspired bedroom with a multicolor stripe wall design on the headboard wall.
walls & trim: Even Better Beige ,wall design: Dandelion Wish, Flaming Torch, Retro Avocado and Coconut Shell

70s styling has influenced fashion, music and film so it is no surprise that we are embracing this nostalgic trend in our personal spaces. The bohemian glam aesthetic with its modern edge and vibrant color palette has caught the eye of many.

A retro inspired wall design uses an expressive palette to add color and movement to a white bedroom.

A neutral kitchen benefits from an uplifting palette of bold colors that stand the test of time.  The combinations of light walls, wood tones, small pops of bold orange and navy allow cabinets to become the focus. The soft modern look fits well with current decor and lifestyle trends.

A Scandinavian  white kitchen with  retro inspired accent colors  such as rusty orange, and dark navy blue.
wall: Even Better Beige, upper cabinets: Flaming Torch, island counter: Nocturne Blue

Retro Avocado is a  warm and nuanced green that makes a perfect accent for a retro dining room.  This bold green also creates the perfect background for white and aqua ceramics and tinted glassware.

A retro inspired dining area with lime green and blue color accents.
side wall: Even Better Beige, hutch & table: Retro Avocado, door: : Nocturne Blue

Nocturne is a refined navy that shines when paired with warm olive-green accents in decor or furniture.

A 70s inspired seating area, featuring a retro chair with  avocado green upholstery.
wall: Nocturne Blue

The retro inspired color palette includes earthy tones, olive green, mustard, burnt orange and navy blue to update designs and create contrast.

A color grouping of retro inspired hues.

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