Color of the Month: Vine Leaf

A collage of four images representing the color Vine Leaf. Images are as follows: A tunnel of trees in a forest. A livening room with a bright green couch and wall painted in Vine Leaf. A close up of glass vases with plants. A tight crop of green vine leaves coming down the side of a wall.
December is the month when many of nature’s prolific plants go into dormancy, especially when it comes to displays of color. Deciduous trees have shed the last of their rainbow foliage and grass has faded to a dull brown. Evergreens, however, finally get to show off their jeweled forest hues in abundant splendor. Behr’s Vine Leaf N400-7 captures the essence of a refreshing, rejuvenating hike through a pine forest, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month.
Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for Vine Leaf.
Make your house stand out from the rest with a Vine Leaf exterior. This chic shade looks outstanding on multi-leveled homes and houses with interesting details such as top-level cedar shake siding. Stone elements in light hues, coupled with white window and door trim, enhance this luscious look.
An exterior home paint in Vine Leaf.
House body: Vine Leaf N400-7, Trim: Polar Bear 75
No one wants a boring home office. Forego the standard plain white walls and opt for a forest-inspired shade instead. Vine Leaf also serves as an excellent backdrop for framed artwork in everything from jewel tones to earthy oranges and tans. A white fireplace mantel stands out like an artwork unto itself in this gorgeous green room. Wood floors, no matter what the color, also look amazing paired with Vine Leaf walls.
A home office with the walls painted in Vine Leaf.
Walls: Vine Leaf N400-7, Trim: Billowy Down 780E-1
A dining room deserves a little nature-inspired love, too. Vine Leaf walls look especially wonderful when paired with wood dining furniture, whether the room’s style, is contemporary, retro-modern, or somewhere in between. Accent the space with decorative pieces in jeweled hues of blue, yellow, green, and even copper. Sandstone and other earthy beige notes, in the form of fabrics, help ground the space and tie the look together.
A close up view of a dining area showing wood buffet and end of wood table. Wall is painted in vine Leaf.
Wall: Vine Leaf N400-7
For something completely different, outfit the bathroom with a color block of Vine Leaf on a wall. This surprising burst of color adds a refreshing natural touch to an otherwise white space. It enhances the zen-like vibe of a modern, minimalist bathroom, whether the room is a tiny guest bath or a massive master bathroom. Accompany this gorgeous green with other earthy accents such as wicker or natural-fiber baskets, wood vanity, and tan or white bath linens.
A bathroom with section behind the sink painted in Vine Leaf.
Wall: Sterling 780E-3, Accent wall: Vine Leaf N400-7
For more information and design inspiration with Vine Leaf, check out the Inspired Curation Palette on our 2019 Color Trends page.
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