New Beginnings

A button with the words "CHANGE - START".
By Nancy Bollefer
For most Canadians, I’m willing to bet the beginning of September is thought of as a “New Year” as such – more so than New Year’s Day itself.  Even though summer isn’t officially over until later in the month, we still tend to think Labour Day marks the end of summer, taking us to a new place and a new frame of mind, with change on the forefront.  There are those who have taken the summer off to relax and enjoy to get away from schedules and routines, except if you consider regular lounging a routine!   Reading a book, sitting on the dock, gardening and just enjoying outdoor weather become activities high on our priority list during this treasured season.

After the Labour Day long weekend has been celebrated, the “New Year” begins, largely because the school year gets underway again,  affecting young kids and even adults who decide to pursue higher education.  September is the time of year to become serious again, a time to tackle projects.  Even though projects can be labour intensive – and lots of work is usually associated with taking on a new venture, the outcome has its rewards.  For example, a  painting project.  This is one of the easiest tasks to undertake with such gratifying results.  Personally, I’m usually itching to make a change during this season and am inspired to try something new.
A hallway area that peaks into two other rooms. The rooms are painted in bold colors.

Featured Colours: Emergency Zone P190-6, Blackout N510-7, Flirt Alert P150-7

Notice how the mix of colours in this space brings in bold character, personality, and drama.  The red and orange almost read as the same colour, both saturated and pure, while the black punctuates the space, set against the lighter hued flooring throughout.
A living room with the walls painted in a gray color.

Featured Colours: Liquid Mercury N510-5, Bakery Box BL-W09

A more neutral palette is represented in this living room, which is somewhat of a study in contrast.  The mercury grey on the walls is offset by the white trim and the light-toned flooring.  Because this room is large in scale, it can readily take the deeper hue adorning the walls, all the while communicating a refined, understated style.
A bedroom painted in a dark gray color.

Featured Colour- Poppy Seed PPU15-20

Interestingly, a room doesn’t always need to be large in proportion to carry a deeper hue, as seen here on the walls.  The flooring and bed linens offer visual relief to complete the look.
So, think of September as a “New Year” and consider painting that room you’ve always had on your “to do” list.  After all, it’s a New Year!
Colorfully yours,


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