Color of the Month: Watery

by Diana Olvera

January is a month of new beginnings; the chance to experience a sense of calm after the hubbub of the holidays. Festive, colorful lights come down, revealing more peaceful, subdued colors of earth and sky. Filtered sunlight brings its welcome warmth through a soft blue sky. Behr’s color Watery HDC-CT-26 perfectly captures that mellow, somehow warming shade of blue that’s as soothing as a set of flannel sheets on a crisp night.

Watery walls add a wonderfully fresh, inviting vibe to a living room, whether this color coats all the walls or just one. This hue pairs perfectly with white window and door trim which further enhance the airy nature of the space. Dark blue and green art, with hints of light blue, looks simply astonishing near a Watery wall. Natural wood tones in the forms of furniture and flooring also look great in a soft blue room. This is also the perfect backdrop for a modern silver furnishing or two.

Wall: Watery HDC-CT-26, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE

The mild blue hue of Watery adds an unexpected visual warmth to a kitchen as well. This soft-sky shade adds a refreshingly peaceful energy to a kitchen adorned with white cabinetry. Paint some or all of the walls in this light hue. It’s perfect for a shared-space situation as well, such as the home-office corner or window seat tucked into a corner of the kitchen. Splashes of a darker blue, such as on a bead board kitchen island or near a focal accent wall, add even more visual depth to the kitchen.

Watery is also the perfect accent tone for a contemporary dark blue kitchen outfitted with stainless steel appliances. Wood floors, whether light, dark or somewhere in between, also look amazing in this space.

Walls: Watery HDC-CT-26, Ceiling and Cabinets: Swiss Coffee 12

A bedroom is the ideal place to experience the joys of Watery walls. This color’s wispy vibe is as soothing as it is dreamy, inspiring a perfect nap or night of sleep. Instead of an all-blue bedroom, paint a pair of walls in a soft beige for that ideal combination of sand and sky, earth and air. A few dollops of red in the form of throw pillows and decor balances out this peaceful space. Add a patterned area rug for some softness and warmth under foot.

Walls: Left- Watery HDC-CT-26, Right- Spanish Sand OR-07, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE

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