Color of the Month: Vermilion

A home entry featuring a red door, the paint color is Vermilion.
Walls: Spanish Sand, Door: Vermilion

Color is a great way to set the tone in your home.  July’s Color of the Month, Vermilion, can help create an eye catching and energetic vibe, perfect for warm weather. Distinct and robust, Vermilion is an earthy clay-red, suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

Red can work well in a variety of interior styles, from traditional to modern and eclectic. A red door will make your guests feel invited and comfortable, creating a positive first impression. 

The top view of an open paint can, there is a half dipped paint brush on top of the paint can.  The feature color is a red tone called Vermilion.

Paint one wall with color to create an instant focal point in your home.

A mid century modern living room with some Art Deco décor elements.  The fireplace on the right side of the room is featuring an accent color called Vermilion.
Walls: Blank Canvas, Accent Wall (left): Vermillion, Ceiling & Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

Vermilion is a vibrant color that can add a touch of drama and excitement to any room, it is also a hue that draws people together in a welcoming dining setting.

A casual kitchen-dining area.  The table and chair are made of natural wood. The paint color on the wall is a red tone that helps all the natural wood tone elements pop.
Cabinets: Gray View, Walls: Vermilion, Trim: Whisper White

If you want to liven up a neutral dining room but don’t want to commit to painting a whole wall in red, you can still use Vermilion as an accent color by incorporating it in a smaller way.

A traditional  dining room which includes some mid-century elements. 
The accent color shown on a half wall is Vermilion.
Walls: Perfect Taupe, Lower Wall: Vermilion, Trim & Door: Blank Canvas

Use Vermillion to add warmth and depth to a home office and to boost a room’s energy level.

A new traditional home office space, the walls have a lot of of molding detail and there is an accent wall featuring a red color called Vermilion.
Walls: Spanish Sand, Accent Wall: Vermilion, Trim: Blank Canvas

A red accent wall can create a cheerful yet warm and cozy atmosphere in a kids bedroom.

The corner of a kid's bedroom-playroom area.  There is a neutral brick wall featuring a beige color.  The accent wall on the left is a light red called Vermilion.
Brick Wall: Even Better Beige, Accent Wall: Vermilion

Use Vermilion to add interest to a neutral color scheme.

An accent wall
Wall: Vermilion

To learn more about Vermilion and the rest of 2023 Color Trends visit To book a free 30-minute virtual color consultation with a BEHR® expert click here.

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