Colorful Candlesticks




Lit candles placed on red candle holders.
Candlesticks create a warm focal point wherever they reside. Make them your own with this easy paint project “how-to”!
Candlesticks – mismatched ok
Paint- we used Hot and Spicy T17-18
Spray primer- we used Kilz Odorless
Detail brush
Mini roller
Step 1: Gather old or mismatched candlesticks
Color will be the unifying component in this project, making it ideal for candlesticks that have lost their partner or are different shapes, materials (no glass) and sizes.
Step 2: Prime candlesticks
For surfaces that haven’t already been painted, it’s always a good idea to prime first.  Priming will create a solid and even surface for the paint to adhere to. Shake your can of spray primer and apply to candlesticks. Allow to dry.
Spraying primer onto a wood candle-holder.
Step 3: Paint candlesticks
Paint your candlesticks in your selected color.  Use your detail brush to apply paint in areas the roller can’t reach.  Allow to dry.  Apply a second coat if necessary/desired.
Painting wood candlestick with red paint. Woman's hands painting wood candlestick with red paint. Hands roll painting wood candlestick with a second coat of red paint.
Step 6: Equip with candles and display
Group your candlesticks together or around your home. Set candles in place and light.
Mantel decorated with lit candles and gold leaf ornaments.Red candle holders with lit candles and placed on top of fireplace mantle.
Colorfully yours,

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