DIY Cement Ring Holder




Cement planter and ring holders.
Love rings, but can’t keep track of them to save your life? Unfortunately, there are those of us that are, “out of sight, out of mind” types, forgetting our rings when taking them off to wash our hands, cook meals, or get ready for bed. If this sounds like you, this easy DIY cement ring holder is the perfect preservation project.  
Materials needed:
 Material needed to make the cement planter and ring holders.
Quick-Setting Cement No. 1240
Paint – in the color/s of your choice (we used Midnight Show T17-17)
Clean water
Tracing or wax paper
Painters tape
Small containers
Detail paint brush
Disposable gloves
Step 1: Measure out cement needed

In order to get the right consistency, the ratio of the cement to water must be 5:1. Use small containers to help get this proportion right.
5 small containers of cement, 1 small container of water
Step 2: Tape One Side of the tracing paper

After cutting a square piece of tracing paper, attach a length of painters tape along one side.
Placing painters tape
Step 3: Create a cone

Create a cone by rolling the tracing paper over from one corner of the square to the side with the taped edge.  Secure the cone together with the painters tape.
Securing the cone
Cut your cone to desired length with scissors.
cutting the cone at top to create a straight edge
Step 4: Add water to cement

Put on your gloves and begin mixing cement by slowly adding water to it.
pouring dry cement pouring water onto the cement
Step 5: Mix

Mix water with cement slowly by massaging them together. Continue the process until the cement takes on a clay like consistency.
mixing the cement and water forming a shape with the wet cement
Step 6: Fill cone with cement

Push cement into the cone, gently press out the air bubbles as you do so.
filling the cone with the wet cement
Step 7: Let dry

Place the cone in a container and leave it to set for 12 hours.
setting the cone filled cement into a jar for drying
Step 8: Remove cement cone from paper

Slowly remove the painters tape from the head of the cone and unwrap the tracing paper.
removing tape from the cone removing the mold from the dried cement, now shaped like a cone.
Step 9: Sand

If desired, smooth out the rough edges with a piece of sand paper.

using sandpaper to make the edges of the cement done smooth.
Step 10: Design
You can choose to paint the whole cement cone, or give it a custom design. Use painters tape to mask out a simple design.
Adding painters tape to the cement cone Adding tape to the cement cone
Step 11: Paint

Take out your a small amount of your paint color with a small container. Paint your cone with selected color and detail brush. Allow to dry 2 hours and apply second coat if necessary/desired. Remove tape when dry.
wet blue paint
Painting cone with blue paint

Step 13: Display in our desired place

Place your ring holders wherever you might take off your rings. Soon you’ll be in the habit of setting your rings on them and (hopefully) always know just where to look!
Cement planter and ring holders sitting on a dresser.
Wall: Luscious Lemon HDC-MD-24, Cabinet: Ultra Pure White, Accent: Midnight Show T17-17
Colorfully yours,
-Sha Khezri

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