DIY: Moon Phase Mobile




A small office area with a pink desk and white chair. Walls in room are gray. On the wall is art in white and pink frames and a moon phase mobile.
If you have a little leftover paint about the house and are looking to immerse yourself in a fun DIY project, consider making a Moon Phase Mobile.
The moon, in all its shades of gray, is the perfect subject to showcase our newest collection of colors.
1/2″ plywood board
4 shades of paint – we used: Black Boudoir PPU26-23 (for black), Imperial Gray PPU26-02 (for dark gray), Flint Gray PPU26-05 (for light gray) and Minimalistic PPU25-12 (for white)
White jewelry cord
Small paintbrush
Drill press
4″ hole saw
Sanding Block
Power drill
Miter or hand saw
Step 1: Cut your wood
Cut your moon shapes out of your board using a 4″ hole saw and drill press.  Follow the guide below for the number of moon pieces, shapes, and colors.
A moon phase guide. A person drilling round shapes from wood board. A person drilling shapes from wood board.Showing the moon phase line up of shapes across a board.
Step 2: Sand your wood
Once your moon pieces have been cut, sand the edges with a sanding block to smooth.
Using a sandblock to smooth out the edges of the shapes.
Step 3: Drill a hole to hang
With a power drill, drill a hole through the center of the moon. Make sure the hole is big enough for the cord to fit through.
Drilling holes in moon pieces.
Step 4: Paint your moons
Use your paintbrush to paint each moon either white, light gray, dark gray, or black. Refer to the Moon Phases Guide to ensure you paint each moon the correct color. Make sure you do not cover any of the holes with paint as you will need to put your cord through the hole.
Painting the moon phases shapes.
Step 5: String your moons together
Once the pieces are dry, it’s time to put your moons on your cord.  Start by finding the middle of your cord.  Double the cord and tie a loop knot at the top. Tie a second knot 3 inches down from your first knot. String your first moon through with one cord, and let the other cord hang down the back.  Slide your moon up flush with the knot, bring the two cords together at the bottom of the moon, and tie another knot.   Repeat this process for the remainder of your moon pieces. After the last moon, tie a double knot and cut off any extra string.
Adding string and tying a knot to secure shape in place.  Adding string and tying a knot to secure shape in place.
Step 6: Hang your Moon Phase Mobile and enjoy!
The moon phase mobile completed and hanging on a wall.

Wall color featured: Summer Storm PPU26-22

Colorfully yours,
Kaylene Karim