DIY Turkey Centerpiece




Mantel decorated with a wood painted turkey.
Get your cooking and craft on this holiday, dazzling your guests with, not only your culinary talents but DIY skills as well.  This adorable, turkey centerpiece, in festive fall colors, is sure to be a perfect fit for your home this holiday.  
Materials needed:
1/2″ wood board
Paint – in the color/s of your choice
Paper towels
Mini roller, or 2″ paintbrush
Detail paintbrush
Wood glue
Sandpaper, or sanding block
Step 1: Create Template
Draw out the different parts of your turkey on a piece of paper to size.  Cut them out when you are happy with the design.
Paper stencil of turkey sections.
Step 2: Trace Shapes on Wood
Trace your shapes on a piece of wood board. Flip the tail feather pieces and trace the mirror image for the left hand side of the turkey body.
Tracing the paper stencils onto a wood board.
Step 3: Cut out design
Use a jigsaw along the outlines to cut the turkey pattern out of the wood.
Cutting along the shape from the wood board.
Step 4: Sand
After you’ve cut out all the shapes, smooth out the rough edges with a piece of sandpaper.
Sanding the edges of the cut pieces to make smooth.
Step 5: Prep for painting
Prepare your pieces for paint by wiping clean the wood dust from the sanding step.
Removing dust from wood.
Step 6: Paint
With a brush or a mini roller paint your turkey pieces in the colors of your choice. Allow to dry and apply a second coat if necessary/desired.
Painting wood pieces. Wood pieces painted and placed in shape of turkey.
Colors used- Turkey body: Gold Hearted T17-02, Top feathers: Sustainable S350-4, Bottom feathers: Midori P330-5, Beak: Joyful Orange P240-7
Step 7: Glue Together
Once the paint has dried, glue the pieces together with wood glue. Overlap them over the back of the turkey’s body.
Applying glue to belly shape of turkey. Applying the feather shapes to the belly of turkey.
Step 8: Let Dry
Clamp your pieces together and allow them to dry for one hour.
Using clamps to hold the feather shapes to the body shape.
Step 9: Paint Details
Paint the eyes and any other details that you desire by using a detail paintbrush.
Adding the turkeys tongue to the turkeys mouth.
Turkey eyes: Carbon N520-7, Wattle: Hot and Spicy T17-18
Step 10: Display your new, festive centerpiece
Celebrate this Thanksgiving by being thankful for your blessings, and your DIY wooden turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!
Mantel decorated with a wood painted turkey.
Colorfully yours,
-Sha Khezri

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