FAQ: Versatility of Blueprint

A collage of four images representing the color Blueprint. A living room with a door to a cabinet painted in Blueprint. A pile of blue and white sweaters. An outdoor hammock swing with cozy blankets colored in blue and white. An exterior home painted in Blueprint.

Our Color of the Year Blueprint S470-5 is a universal tone that feels relaxing to the eye, comforting to the soul and creative for the mind.

It can be used in different styles whether it is a rustic living room, quaint kitchen, southwestern bedroom or coastal bathroom. It is a timeless color that will last years and years to come.
Colorfully Yours,


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Comments (4)

  • Gina Johnson says...

    I painted my kitchen in blue prints and I just love it

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Gina, thank you for visiting our blog and for choosing BEHR Paint! 🙂
      Colorfully Yours,

  • Jamie says...

    Where is this light fixture from? It is gorgeous!!

    • Diana Olvera says...

      Hi Jamie – thanks for contacting us with your question.
      Unfortunately, we don’t have record of where the brass swing lamp came from. We believe, it might have come from an antique shop in the state of Texas.
      We did an online search and were not able to find the exact one but found several similar lamps.
      Hope this helps.

      Colorfully yours,

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