Halloween Stencil Doormat




This image features a Halloween stencil doormat. Surrounding the doormat is festive halloween decor.

A fun and easy project to do this Halloween season is stenciling your own doormat. It is easy, you can do it with your kids and create a goulish front door space for it.

This image shows the materials needed for this fun project. 
Painters Tape
Paint Brushes
Coir Doormat
and Paint color or colors of choice

Materials to complete this project

• Halloween Stencils

• One Coir Doormat

• One 8 oz. sample of BEHR MARQUEE paint.

• Painter’s Tape

• Paint Brushes

This image shows the stencil being taped down so it does not move while it is being painted in.

All you need to do is tape down your stencils and fill it in with your paint colors of choice. For this project we used Broadway PPU18-20

Broadway is a bold deep black tone that will stand out with any stencil you use.

This image shows a closer look at the doormat and halloween decor surrounding it.
This image is a down shot of the doormat. The doormat stencils feature Spooky, BOO, Bats, and spider webs.

The final look of this creepy crawly doormat. Make it as spooky as you want or opt for a more autumn look.

For more inspiration, tips and color tools, visit our Color Studio on Behr.com. https://www.behr.com/consumer/colorstudio

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