Trend Color Spotlight: Cotton Grey

by Larayne Boaz

Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20 is the perfect neutral backdrop for any room in your home. We love this relaxing color. Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20 is so calm and soothing. It’s not to light, not too dark and definitely not drab. It looks lovely in natural light as well in the evening when it is lit up with a warm glow.

We used Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20 on the walls for this cozy in-home coffee bar. This grey is very versatile, making it easy to coordinate with other colors. You can add pops of bright hues to create a livelier feel. Or as we did, add some dusty soft hues to keep the mood undisturbed.

To create this atmosphere, we found an old cabinet that we used to display our coffee amenities. We filled it with a mix of fresh beans, vintage grinders, espresso cups, and scrumptious treats. Added some clever puns and bistro words. Lastly, we placed a small table with pendant lighting just above.

There is nothing better than the energizing aroma of fresh coffee brewing in your home. especially when paired with the calming feel of Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20. In the morning this color is bright and alive making this the perfect spot to wake up with a fresh cup of coffee. As the day draws to an end, this color becomes a cozy backdrop for a soothing place to unwind.

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  1. Sheila Ranoia says:

    Another gorgeous color, BEHR Paints! Thank you so much!

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