Introducing the 2024 Exterior Stain Color of the Year: Tugboat

Wood stains have the power to transform ordinary surfaces into timeless expressions of personal style. To elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space this spring, BEHR ® has announced its 2024 Exterior Stain Color of the Year, Tugboat. The brownish gray wood stain is reminiscent of weathered materials from boats at sea and ready to make your home the ultimate safe harbor.

The sophisticated blend of muted toned adds subtle color to exterior surfaces while enhancing the natural wood grain for a timeless finish. The versatility of Tugboat adds organic beauty and effortless character with a nautical twist to elevate your outdoor environment.

Both solid and semi-transparent finishes offer a polished look on decks, fences, porches, patio ceilings, railings and more.

House body: Dark Ash, Deck: Tugboat ST-141, Chairs: Cedar ST-146

Apply Tugboat in a solid finish to a wooden fence for a striking visual boundary that blends seamlessly with natural surroundings.

Fence: Tugboat SC-141

Or choose Tugboat in a semi-transparent finish for a front door and port ceiling to add charm and depth to an entry space.

House body: Adirondack Blue, All Trim: Polar Bear, Door & Ceiling: Tugboat ST-141

The versatility of Tugboat allows for the ease of application on various architectural styles and building materials to create a cohesive and inviting facade.

Paintable Body & Trim: Riviera Beach, Horizontal Panels: Spanish Sand, Front Door: Baronial Brown, Wood House Body: Tugboat ST-141

Add subtle warmth to an outdoor living experience with Tugboat on a patio ceiling for a comfortable ambiance.

Ceiling: Tugboat ST-141

Embrace the nautical allure of Tugboat and let it guide you towards a more refined and captivating outdoor experience.

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Note: The 2024 Exterior Stain Color of the Year is available exclusively at The Home Depot in a variety of BEHR products including the #1 rated exterior solid stain, Solid Color Premium Waterproofing Exterior Stain, as well as Semi-Trans Premium Waterproofing Exterior Stain, Advanced DeckOver, House & Fence Wood Stain, and DECKplus.  

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