Painter’s White Sitting Room

by Larayne Boaz

Painter’s White PPU18-08 offers a clean, airy look that is both welcoming and refreshing. It is an excellent color option to use on your walls and trim, especially in a room with dark floors. The wall color compliments the dark flooring and brightens up the area. Adding a furniture piece in a white color keeps the room looking crisp and fresh. The earthy tones of the natural elements, like the faux animal skin rug and tree limb side table, add appeal while keeping the room slightly rustic. The texture and shape of these items create interesting features for the minimalist style of this room. The gold metallic accents and touches of pink warm the room and adds a snug peaceful vibe. All of these elements transform the area into a cozy, peaceful space to unwind with a comfy blanket and your favorite book.

side tight angle of the sitting featuring Painter's White on the walls and trim.Brighten up a room that has a dark hardwood floor by painting both walls and trim in a white paint color. Adding white furniture will keep the look clean and crisp.  Natural elements with organic shapes create interest while keeping the minimalist style.


tight shot of the sitting room showing how gold and pink accents warm up the wall color (Painter's White)Metallic gold and pink accents create a sense of warmth in the space while keeping a crisp, clean look.


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